Teeth straightening
with clear aligners.

Scale & Polish,
Under PRSI - €15

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Dr. Rasa Bubliauskiene---GynecologistFind Out More
Dr. Rasa LiaudanskaiteApril: 30thGynecologistFind Out More
Dr. Linas Rovas---Professor / Gynecologist Find Out More
Dr. Gediminas Semeklis---GastroenterologistFind Out More
Dr. Adomas RovasApril: 19th, 20thDental Surgeon / PeriodontologistFind Out More
Vaidotas Zvikas---ProsthodontistFind Out More
Laurynas Banys---Dental SurgeonFind Out More
Miglė Kotovaitė---Dentist – TherapistFind Out More
Alanta Girdvainyte---DentistFind Out More
Greta Samalionyte---Dental Hygienist
Monika Varaškeviciute---DentistFind Out More
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