First, local anaesthesia is used to numb the area. The decayed or damaged area of your tooth will be gently removed and replaced with filling material. Care is taken to remove as little of the tooth structure as possible while providing good bond for the filling material. The tooth will then be polished and checked for proper occlusion (fit between the upper and lower teeth).

Coloured Fillings

We offer new technological advances that allow us to offer non-metal restorations for our patients. These fillings are healthier and far more attractive than the traditional metal fillings.

For a fabulous smile makeover, your City clinic cosmetic dentist is happy to offer you any of these cosmetic dentistry procedures, often combining them to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Almost anyone who is not pleased with their smile is a viable candidate for cosmetic dentistry. We suggest scheduling a consultation appointment with one our dentists to discuss and share your concerns, and he/she will be able to assist you in determining the best line of treatment and map out a plan of action to transform your smile. What are you waiting for? Call our practice today to schedule a consultation appointment.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!