At City Clinic gastroenterologist performs:


Assessment of the patient’s health state, diagnosis of the illnesses always begins with the specialist’s consultation. The doctor registers the patient’s complaints on health, noticed symptoms and in what circumstances they appear. It is essential for the patient not to forget to mention previously diagnosed illnesses, various tests or investigations, surgical operations, prescribed or ongoing medications, answer to doctor’s questions as accurately as possible. Detailed information allows diagnosing the cause of symptoms more precise.

Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs:

This procedure is performed to gather additional data, determinate if there are no changes, evaluate the state of abdominal organs more accurately, confirm or rule – out the possible diagnosis. It is one of the most common instrumental investigations in gastroenterology. At City Clinic doctor performs an ultrasound examination of a gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidney.

Blood and urine laboratory tests:

As the doctor intends to have full – scale view on patient’s health he might prescribe general or purposive blood and urine tests. The results, deviations from average values allow to evaluate the state of kidney, liver, pancreas and is complementary to the information gathered during the consultation and other performed examinations for an accurate diagnosis.

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