Taking decent care of oral health matters to all of those who pays attention to their health in general. Yet there are situations from which we are not protected – our teeth may crack, split, crumble or wear off naturally. Dental crowns may help to avoid bigger problems, because they can be used to replace visible part of the tooth. Also dental crowns are prosthetic element used in dental implantation procedure – it is attached to a cog which is inserted into a jawbone.

Modern dentistry is highly advanced, allowing to use dental crowns made of porcelain or zirconium ceramics. They are manufactured for every patient individually in the providers laboratories and look very natural and aesthetic, matching patient‘s natural tooth shape and colour. All together it gives a feeling of natural teeth.

Cases of dental crown use and the procedure

When the defects of visual parts of tooth are noticed, it would be worthy to contact a doctor who will evaluate is it necessary to replace a damage part of tooth with dental crown or maybe simpler solutions like dental veneers can be used. Yet if tooth is highly damaged then dental crown may be the right solution.

After the decision to use dental crown is made, doctor will take toothpicks which will be sent to a laboratory where dental crown is designed to fit its length and shape and will look very natural among other patient‘s teeth making patient to feel like having natural tooth.

Also, the doctor has to prepare the tooth for dental crown attachment properly. After all preparatory procedures are made on the next visit to a doctor dental crown is attached to jawbone.

During your visit to City Clinic the doctor will provide detailed information about the whole procedure, treatment plan, local anaesthesia and will help to choose the material of the dental crown which fits the patient‘s needs and financial possibilities the most. The doctor also will consult on how to take care of substitute or newly attached permanent dental crowns.

We are there for our patients in every step towards obtaining their beautiful smile!

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