About Our Clinic

Our dentists working to your smile

City Clinic is a new brand with solid experience in the field of Irish healthcare. We are here to help you feel better!

Our clinic is an innovative medical center of high – quality dentistry, healthcare and wellness services, located in Douglas distric, Cork.

We gathered doctors, experts with years of international experience, as well as young professionals and talented specialists under the City Clinic‘s name so that you can feel confident and safe in health or beauty related issues. Most of our medical team members have already gained patients‘ trust here, in Ireland, and are well known for their diligent work.

Throughout the years providing dentistry and healthcare services in Ireland, we have established collaboration with world-leading companies and material manufacturers, adapting their latest technological achievements into our practice so that our patients can rest assured they are taken care of by using advanced, completely safe and professional methods of examination and treatment.

At City Clinic we care about your health as much as your comfort, therefore all of our personnel will lead you in every step from the first visit until the final result attentively. We put patients‘ needs first, not only making medical decisions but also creating a cozy, calm, non-stressful yet modern environment, so that your visits to our clinic are be as pleasant as possible.

Why Choose Us

Providing healthcare services for patients comes with a great responsibility on behalf of any medical institution, therefore we include these main values and utilize them in our everyday practice!

Quality and innovations: Specialists at City Clinic are constantly working on and improving their professional qualifications, so that we can offer health – friendly and result – orientated solutions to our patients as we put the latest knowledge of diagnostics and treatment methods into practice.

Care and responsibility: There is no such thing as any health matter being too small at City Clinic. We aim to help every patient who comes into our clinic, evaluating their state of health carefully and thoroughly, setting the individual case-based treatment and looking after them from the first visit until the end of treatment.

Respect and transparency: City Clinic is based on principles of respect towards our patients, colleagues, partners and competitors. We value transparent business processes, clear pricing of services, sustainable cooperation for the benefit of the patients and fair

The Team

City Clinic provides services of dentistry, healthcare and wellness. Most members of our team are not new to Ireland and already helped dozens of patients to solve their dental or health issues. Although they reside at City Clinic in Ireland, they keep improving their skills performing procedures across the Europe and taking part in seminars and training across the globe.

Thanks to their devotion, our doctors aim to expand their knowledge and practice of latest treatment methods, techniques, examination technologies, procedures performance, development of materials and medication, so we can offer you advanced healthcare services benefiting your needs the most.

We know that success of any procedure also depends on collaboration between the doctor and the patient. Therefore our specialists take their time to hear out patients‘ complaints in order to find out their needs and expectations, encouraging them to find answers to their questions and provide individual case based recommendations. Together with the doctor‘s professional skills and knowledge such collaboration permit results to be achieved successfully.


City Clinic is a new brand in the field of Irish healthcare, yet we have solid previous experience and an impeccable track record! Under the same name we gathered highly – qualified doctors and young talented specialists who already have experience working with not only Irish but also multinational patients in other medical institutions, here in Ireland and abroad.
We have found City Clinic so that our patients can enjoy high quality medical services in one place. Not only that! – We are aiming to develop a network of medical offices around the country so that patients of City Clinic will be able to access easily the services of dental or medical, consultations and procedures they need in the place which is most convenient for them.

Most of our team are highly skilled doctors from Lithuania, which is well known for its advanced quality of medicine, innovated and latest trend matching methods of treatment and professionalism of medical personnel. With such professional foundation our doctors aim to keep their professional standards high. They do just that by improving their skills by participating in various seminars and conferences not only In Ireland but also across the world. Our professionals share their experience with patients worldwide.

Having our professional team established, we are starting from scratch. We are about to open our very first page of City Clinic and we hope to write our history with our patients, through their experiences and results achieved, with our doctors as they put innovative and modern solutions of healthcare into practice, with our partners and even our competitors, who will keep us on our toes-, ensuring everlasting benefits to our patients.


Our mission is to provide high – quality healthcare services through the advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment and educate patients on healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to become the most convenient healthcare services centre for patients by establishing a network of medical centres in order to ensure continuous treatment and consultations at a clinic as close as possible for the patient.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!