Teeth straightening with clear aligners.

Many consider crooked teeth or an irregular bite to be merely an aesthetic problem, ignoring the risk of serious health and functional problems that become increasingly difficult to treat over time. Even realizing that after straightening their teeth, they will look more beautiful, gain more self-confidence, and ensure better health and quality of life, many people are reluctant to change their smiles due to the long and unpleasant traditional treatment – metal braces. However, today patients can choose a much more advanced method of teeth straightening – clear aligners. Treatment with clear aligners is a modern, convenient and effective solution for teeth straightening. The aligners themselves are nearly invisible removable orthodontic appliances made of soft and clear medical grade plastic. Aligners are designed to straighten teeth and treat irregular bite effectively, comfortably and painlessly. With gentle pressure, they push the teeth into the pre-planned desired position. In order to keep the teeth moving towards their goal, patients have to replace the aligners with new ones, usually every two weeks.

Why do patients choose braces over traditional braces? Here are some reasons:

  • Caps are barely noticeable, so adults are not ashamed to wear them.
  • The bag is comfortable to wear. They do not cause pain, do not irritate the gums, do not scratch the cheeks and lips.
  • Graves treatment is usually shorter and requires fewer visits to the doctor.
  • When necessary, for example on special occasions, the grave can be removed by the patient.
  • People wearing tombstones do not have to change their daily habits. They can eat their favorite foods and exercise as usual.
  • Teeth straightening with graves does not complicate general oral hygiene.

In our clinic, the smiles of patients become beautiful and healthy using “Ordoline” – a new generation of teeth straightening with graves. Thanks to innovation, digital planning and the integration of numerous orthodontic tools, Ordoline can treat even the most complex cases of crowding and malocclusion. Thus, situations that were difficult to solve with older generations of teeth straighteners can now be successfully applied to Ordoline. Your new smile is just a few steps away!

  • Consultation and diagnostics. The doctor will examine the current condition of your teeth and bite and perform a dental scan.
  • Digital treatment plan. The team of experienced “Ordoline” dental technicians and orthodontists will prepare a treatment plan together with your doctor. On your next visit. Your doctor will present this plan to you and show you what results you will achieve after completing this treatment.
  • Making graves. “Ordoline” will make and send the graves to your doctor. The doctor will give the grave to you, along with all the necessary instructions.

Our virtual 3D treatment plan allows our patients to see how their teeth alignment and smile will change before starting treatment. Throughout the treatment, you will be able to monitor how your teeth’s position changes.


Consultation + CT scan€100
Treatment plan with 3D visualization (included in aligners treatment price)€300
Treatment “ORDOLINE” Light (one jaw)€3,000
Treatment “ORDOLINE” Light (both jaws)€4,200
Treatment “ORDOLINE” Medium (both jaws)€4,900
Treatment “ORDOLINE” Complex (both jaws)€5,600

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!