Cosmetic Dentistry And White Composite Filling

Aesthetic filling and cosmetic dentistry should give the grace and comfort of natural teeth – healthy, functional, beautiful and long lasting. The treatment – include tooth lightening, composite restorations, white composite filling – look natural, clean and will keep your smile looking beautiful.

  • White fillings are incredibly strong.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They have a great authentic appearance.
  • White fillings are matched to the original colour and form of the tooth
  • They repair the tooth to its prior condition, providing patients with beautiful and natural looking results.


  1. Treatment used to repair tooth fractures, cavity, decay or damaged surface of the teeth
  2. It’s not painful.
  3. Saving tooth tissues.
  4. Composite materials are popular as they offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional amalgam materials.
  5. Best quality composite materials – Voco ,3M ESPE , Gradia Direct -Whether it’s a single shade or a multi shade procedure, it is easier and quicker to achieve a superb, natural looking and long-lasting restoration.
  6. Fast and Amazing result after procedure.
  7. Reasonable price and cost less than prosthetic procedure (crown)

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