Professional oral hygiene is one of the most common, but yet one of the most important procedures of dental care, helping patients to keep their oral health in check and preventing them from severe dental diseases. In terms of effective preventative results professional oral hygiene should be performed at least twice a year. The number of procedures may vary regarding each individual case. If the dentist feels it’s necessary, dental hygiene may be carried out up to 4 times a year.

Advantages of dental hygiene

  • Removes hard and soft plaques and calculus that cannot be reach by toothbrush or tooth floss.
  • Prevents teeth and dental tissues from various infections or inflammations.
  •  Refreshes tooth color and surface.
  •  Procedure is quickly performed.
  •  It is not invasive procedure which causes the least discomfort in comparison with other dental procedures. Costs less than treatment of severe dental diseases caused by plaques and calculus which were not removed timely.

The elements of successful oral hygiene performed in our clinic

  • Diligent and observant dental hygienist: at City Clinic the dental hygienist pays a lot of attention to the evaluation of patient‘s dental state and performs dental hygiene using innovative and safe scaller. Properly performed regular dental hygiene is the best prevention for periodontal diseases.
  • Innovative technologies: at City Clinic the procedure of dental hygiene is carried out by using innovative and safe Piezo Ultrasonic scaler. It permits the removal of plaque from the tooth surface quicker and easier without as much “scrapping” from tooth with metallic scaler. It provides more comfort for the patient during the procedure. In some cases, manual instrumentation set can be used to perform the entire procedure or in addition to scaling.
  • Care and collaboration with a patient: The patient‘s health is top priority at City Clinic, therefore our dental hygiene specialists will always take the time to talk to the patient in order to find out the exact needs, consult on matters in question and to choose the best treatment plan.
We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!