Microscope-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Welcome to our dental clinic, where we offer an exceptional procedure known as Microscope-Assisted Root Canal Treatment. We understand that patient well-being and their smile are our top priorities, which is why we employ modern and effective techniques to ensure the best outcomes.

Why Microscope-Assisted Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the dental pulp (the inner portion of a tooth) is infected or affected by decay. We utilise a specialised microscope for this procedure because it provides several advantages:

  • Higher Precision: The microscope enables us to see the tiniest details and root canal intricacies, allowing us to perform the procedure with utmost precision and efficiency.
  • Less Invasive Treatment: Thanks to increased precision, the procedure becomes less invasive and minimally damaging to the surrounding tissues.
  • Increased Success Rate: Microscope-assisted root canal treatment reduces the risk of re-infection and complications, making it a long-term solution.

Our Experts

Our clinic is staffed with professional and experienced dentist Svitlana Kinas who specialise in microscope-assisted root canal treatment. They continually enhance their skills and utilize the latest equipment to provide patients with the highest quality care and comfort.

Service Process

  1. Consultation: Initially, we conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s oral condition to determine the need for treatment.
  2. Root Canal Treatment: The procedure is performed using a microscope, enabling the dentist to precisely view and treat the root canals.
  3. Restoration: Following the treatment, we restore the tooth to reinstate functionality and aesthetics.
  4. Post-Operative Care: We provide comprehensive post-operative care and instructions on how to properly care for the treated tooth.

Specialist: Svitlana Kinas

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